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The Joints & Bands, news and prayers magazine.

The Joints & Bands news and prayers magazine, is available in both printed format (a one-off print run), and in PDF-file format

The printed version (including the Berean Expositor, B.E.) is available from the UK, for a donation to BPT of £5.00 pa, which also covers postage and handling.

A PDF-file version of future issues (with the B.E.'s PDF), by email from the BPT Distribution Secretary's mailing list, is available at no charge.
This method avoids mailing delays, particularly to Overseas from the UK.

The 'email feature' at Contact-us may be used to request that you be added to this Distribution List.

Title Author Date Page Cost Issue    
Joints & Bands, May 2014 MG CHW 2014 4 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, SPECIAL Sept 2014, 'CONSULTATION, BPTCIO' BM MG 2014 2 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, July 2014 AS SA MG CHW 2014 12 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, Mar 2014 MG CHW 2014 4 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, Nov 2014 MG AS 2014 8 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, Jan 2015 AS ME-usa 2015 10 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, Sept 2014 MG CHW 2014 6 £Download 1 View
Joints & Bands, Jan 2014 AS MG CHW 2014 4 £Download 1 View


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